API List of Quote

POST api/Add

No documentation available.

POST api/Update

No documentation available.

POST api/Search

No documentation available.

POST api/LastCreated

No documentation available.

POST api/LastUpdated

No documentation available.

API List of Automation

POST api/GetLastCreatedOppProducts

No documentation available.

POST api/GetLastUpdatedOppProducts

No documentation available.

POST api/AddOppProduct

No documentation available.

POST api/UpdateOppProduct

No documentation available.

POST api/GetLastUpdatedOpportunitiesNew

No documentation available.

POST api/GetLastCreatedOpportunitiesNew

No documentation available.

POST api/GetLastCreatedLead

No documentation available.

POST api/AddOpportunity

No documentation available.

POST api/UpdateOpportunity

No documentation available.

POST api/SearchOpportunityAvailableProduct

No documentation available.

POST api/SearchOpportunity

No documentation available.

POST api/SearchRecordBasedOnEmail

No documentation available.

API List of LMWebAPI

POST api/AddLead

Create lead in leadmaster

POST api/UpdateLead

Update lead in leadmaster

GET api/GetLastUpdatedLead

Get last updated lead for the given time frame

GET api/GetLeadByID

Get the lead for the given record no

GET api/GetLastUpdatedLeadWithPaging

Get last updated lead for the given time frame with pagination

POST api/AddContact

Create Contact in leadmaster

POST api/UpdateContact

Update Contact in leadmaster

GET api/GetContactByID

Get the Contact for the given contact id

GET api/GetLastUpdatedContactWithPaging

Get last updated contacts for the given time frame with pagination

GET api/GetCampaigns

Get Campaigns

GET api/GetGroups

Get Groups for contacts

GET api/GetAccountManagers

Get Account Managers for contacts

GET api/GetPartners

Get Partners for contacts

GET api/GetPartnerReps

Get Partners for contacts

GET api/GetTitleCodes

Get TitleCodes for contacts

GET api/GetFunctionCodes

Get FunctionCodes for contacts

GET api/GetCustomLabels

Get CustomLabels for contacts

GET api/GetLogonName

Get User logon name from access token

POST api/AddOpportunity

Create opportunity in leadmaster

GET api/GetLastUpdatedOpportunities

Get last updated opportunities for the given time frame

GET api/GetLastUpdatedOpportunitiesWithPaging

Get last updated opportunities for the given time frame with Pagination

POST api/AddCallBack

Create call back in leadmaster

GET api/GetLastUpdatedCallbackevent

Get last updated callback events for the given time frame

GET api/GetLastUpdatedCallbackeventWithPaging

Get last updated callback events using paging for the given time frame

GET api/GetLoginInfo

Get login info from the accesstoken

POST api/SearchAccountData

SearchAccountData using given search parameter and the accesstoken

GET api/GetLNTrackData

Get Lead Nurturing Track info from the accesstoken

POST api/SearchCallBackData

Search Callbackdata from the accesstoken, contactid, startdata and enddate

GET api/GetWorkgroups

Search GetWorkgroups from the accesstoken adn databaseid

GET api/GetDatabase

Get databases from the accesstoken

GET api/GetContactNote

Get contact note from contact using contactid

GET api/GetSalesRepComment

Get Sales Rep Comments from contact using RECDNO

GET api/GetContactEmailHist

Get contact email history from the accesstoken, contactid, recdno and emailid

POST api/UpdateContactEmailHist

update contact email history for the given data and accesstoken

GET api/GetEmailTemplates

Get Email Templates from the accesstoken

GET api/GetEmailTemplateDetail

Get Email Template detail from the accesstoken and given templateID

POST api/AddWebhookSubscriptions

Add Webhook subscriptions

POST api/RemoveWebhookSubscriptions

Remove Webhook subscriptions

GET api/GetWebhookSubscriptions

Get All Webhook subscriptions

POST api/GetAccessToken

Get accesstoken

POST api/LMValidateLogonData

LMValidateLogonData from the accesstoken

POST api/LMGetWorkgroups

LMGetWorkgroups from the accesstoken

POST api/LMGetDatabase

LMGetDatabase from the given logonid

POST api/AttachAudioFiles

Add AudioFiles to Contact

GET api/GetAttachedAudioFiles

Get All Attached Audio Files

API List of LMService

GET api/GetAPIValidateLogon

Validate the user in leadmaster

POST api/access

API List of SMS

POST api/Receive/{ID}

Get the sms details once received


POST api/GetCompanyNameFromCId

Get Company Name from Company ID

POST api/CheckLoginRequiredCID

No documentation available.

POST api/checkForURLLogin

Check Login for Url

POST api/AutoLoginAPI

No documentation available.

POST api/CheckLoginRequiredURL

No documentation available.

POST api/GetMobilenumber

Get mobile number from Key and name

POST api/GetCompaniesByLocation

Used to get list of companies based on given latitude and longitude including features of LX+

POST api/Logout

No documentation available.